Japan - Know Your Lemons says, "Konnichiwa!"

We’re going to start posting stories on each of our partners and their success in their part of the world with the #KnowYourLemons campaign, each week. Last week was Jayshri Rami and @Eksangh in India, and now it’s time to head to Japan!


Worldwide Breast Cancer has teamed up with Run for the Cure to increase breast cancer awareness in Japan. Our work together started in September 2013 when Run for the Cure introduced the “Lemon Project” as their new education initiative to teach women, men, and children alike about the symptoms and recognition of breast cancer. Run for the Cure has reached out to communities all over Japan and conducts seminars using the Lemon Project to illustrate the signs and symptoms in breast cancer using lemons as a stand-in for breasts. This clever visual overcomes issues of taboo and fear to create a comfortable environment in which they can teach.

Kiei Ogata, the Awareness Program Manager for Run for the Cure has said how important the materials have been to their organization’s mission, “The lemon campaign materials have attracted attention from both men and women—it is not overwhelming or intimidating, but easy to see even when [in public].”  One participant shared her experience, “Signs are described very clearly, and I get to learn those signs of breast cancer for the first time. It is very educational and helpful.”


As of 2016, Run for the Cure has been able to teach 2750 people about this deadly disease and help women become more confident when it comes to self-exam and recognizing symptoms—and that’s just in three years! From major cities like Tokyo to rural areas like Mie Prefecture in the Tokai region, it has worked well with a diverse audience across a range of ages and backgrounds and is growing.

We are thrilled to partner with this organization in Japan, as well as people all over the world. And you can be part of this incredible work to save lives of those around you too. Become a Global Education Partner with Worldwide Breast Cancer to help educate your community on the symptoms and options for breast cancer. Over 1,000 people are using the #knowyourlemons campaign in over 70 countries in 15 languages.   Joining is simple, sign up here and receive a free leaflet to print and share.  

Let’s fight breast cancer starting with you.™

Check out Run for the Cure’s website https://runforthecure.org/en/ to find out more about the amazing work they’re doing to promote breast cancer awareness and education in Japan.