Lemon-aid for 3 million people


This week we wanted to share our enormous success with all of you, because you’re the ones that have made it possible. During October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Worldwide Breast Cancer shared a new post of the “12 Signs of Breast Cancer” poster featuring its famous 12 teaching lemons and it reached over 3 million people. That’s enough lemon-aid to quench the thirst of everyone in Los Angeles, California! In just a single post!

This success is such an important addition to our work in over 70 countries around the world and in 16 different languages. The #KnowYourLemons campaign has now reached over 5 million people. And all of this is thanks to our Global Education Partners and people like you who are sharing lemons on social media. We couldn’t do this work without you!

Have you offered “lemon-aid” to the people you know? If not, then today is the day to share. Two ways: become a Global Education Partner and bring the message to your local area by printing out our handy leaflet. Or it could be as simple as sharing the lemon images online with just a few clicks. Knowing the symptoms of breast cancer can make the difference in finding it early and saving a life!