Wales - Dawn is working for her "Know Your Lemons" Legacy


Imagine being a mother and knowing you won’t get to see your children grow up. This is the reality of Dawn. Dawn's breast cancer had progressed to late stage before it was found, because her physician misdiagnosed her.

When Dawn saw our 12 signs of breast cancer lemons image, she realized in hindsight she had symptoms she failed to recognize as breast cancer. Determined to not let this happen to other women, Dawn is one of our most passionate champions.

“If I had seen this campaign sooner, I would have realised I had 3 symptoms of breast cancer, not just the lump my doctor dismissed as a cyst. That knowledge would have given me the confidence I needed to ask for my symptoms to be investigated. I would have been diagnosed earlier,” states Dawn.

As a resident of Wales, Dawn has initiated and driven outreach throughout her country. Her efforts have involved building partnerships between charities, such as Worldwide Breast Cancer and Tenovus Cancer Care, speaking at local schools to educate young adults, and meeting with high profile healthcare professionals, as well as politicians. She tells everyone how the Know Your Lemons campaign can find breast cancer better and save lives.

Her passion and tenacity inspired ITV Wales to document her story to reach even more people.

“I don’t want any other mother to go through the heartache of knowing you are leaving your children behind. So for me, while I am well enough, I have to do this,” she says, determined to leave a legacy for her children.

Given her late stage diagnosis, Dawn is committed to making the most of her time with her daughters. She takes the girls each on a "memory day", picking out wedding and prom dresses, choosing a home they would like to live in, picking their first car, etc. Full of memories both bitter and sweet, Dawn hopes that this memory day will influence her daughters decisions in the future, indirectly allowing her to be a part of them.

See the Know Your Lemons campaign in Welsh! (Hint - it's at the bottom of the English UK page)