Do you have our new Breast Health App? 1000s do!

We’ve created a fun and engaging Know Your Lemons® mobile app for breast health. The app builds on the friendly lemon visuals seen by over 200 million people so far. Dogtown Media helped bring the app to life with its dedicated development team.

Why an app? Until we have a cure for breast cancer, according to the World Health Organization, early detection is key to improving a woman’s chance of survival.[1]

What makes a big impact on early detection? Education. To be at the forefront of healthcare communication, Worldwide Breast Cancer’s “Know Your Lemons” app aims to help more women around the world find breast cancer better. Through understanding screening and changes to look out for and report to a physician patients can be more empowered to take charge of their breast health.

Unlike any other breast health app, this new mobile tool doesn’t just help women “look for a lump” or “make sure you get a mammogram.” It also provides humorous video and audio guides on what to feel for, uses the famous Know Your Lemons® campaign to show the 12 symptoms of breast cancer in detail, demystifies screening techniques and makes it easy to book mammograms. For the first time ever, women can use an app to get a reminder AND book a mammogram!

 “At Worldwide Breast Cancer, our goal of educating every woman in the world about what to look and feel for, and steps to take if they think they have found a symptom is our primary focus,” says Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, PhD., Founder, Worldwide Breast Cancer.

“Even though over 200 million people have seen our 12 lemons image so far, we dream of empowering 2.2 billion women with vital information, regardless of language, race or location, so they can get help in a timely way. While researchers are looking for breast cancer cures, we want to do everything we can to make sure every women has the best chance of survival. We believe our Know Your Lemons® app is a big leap forward for women everywhere in removing communication barriers that have prevented breast cancer from being discussed.”

The Know Your Lemons® app is backed by a decade of research and is designed to address major gaps in breast health communication. Despite many awareness campaigns in the past, a 2017 survey of 19,000 women globally found just how lacking knowledge of breast cancer is: 

·       Only 2% of women can recognize all the signs of breast cancer

·       42% of women don't feel confident in their ability to spot a change indicative of breast cancer[2]

Key features of the new app to address this include:

  • Education about the symptoms of breast cancer and the difference between healthy and unhealthy lumps found in the breast

  • Exam coaches, such as Mona Lisa, who explains step-by-step how to self-exam in an entertaining and informative way

  • Booking mammogram or screening appointments with local FDA certified screening centers

  • Questions for users to ask clinicians or doctors at screening appointments, as well as advice on what (or not) to wear and how to prepare for different breast tests

The app is available for download on iTunes and Google Play under Know Your Lemons. It’s the must have app for every woman’s phone!

This app was made possible with support from Celgene, Avon Foundation for Women and Genentech.


“This is a good app with very useful knowledge.” Tiffany, Oct 17, 2018

“Love my lemons! App is great tool for awareness.” Michele, Oct 12, 2018

“Very informative. Fun to use. Puts a fun spin on an unsettling topic.” Aysha, Oct 1, 2018

“Great app! Very intuitive and easy to use! Amazing design and great to use for men or women.” Arthur, Aug 24, 2018

“This app takes the fear and unknown out of identifying signs and symptoms of breast cancer. This is an app every woman should have and it wouldn't hurt every man to have it either!” Katie, Aug 31 2018



Katherine Crawford-Gray