Cassy's Story

Cassandras story starts like as most do, with a slight, noticeable change that invokes curiosity. In December 2016, she noticed a small red patch on her breast that looked like a sunburn. It wasn't alarming initially, but she went to see her physician. Her doctor wasn't concerned and stated that is was likely cellulitis, sending her home with antibiotics. After her antibiotics, the red patch didn't improve, but it didn't get worse either. Cassandra decided to Google her symptoms and came across Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and immediately went back to her GP. Her GP ordered an ultrasound that showed a small cyst, but it was under the size that they normally biopsy, so they just left it.

It wasn't until February of the following year that she saw the Know Your Lemons campaign poster, solidifying her suspicions. Her breast now displayed enlarged pores (Sign 11) along with her initial red/hot patch and "cyst" on the ultrasound. Cassandra took a picture of the poster and showed her GP, explaining that she had 3 of the 12 signs. Her doctor referred her to another, convinced it wasn't IBC. When Cassandra returned from her honeymoon and was finally able to get a biopsy after monitoring it closely, the rest result came back: she had Inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Aside from spreading breast cancer awareness and supporting our Know Your Lemons campaign, Cassandra loves yoga, good wine, trying new restaurants, and working. This entire experience has brought her closer to her friends and family. She hosts an annual ball for around 450 people to raise funds for breast cancer patients in her region. She serves as a mentor and supports other young girls going through IBC, because she felt alone during her own battle. Cassandra hopes to one day have children and gives credit to our organization for driving her to push doctor for answers because if she hadn't, she might not be here today. Cassandra also recommends our app and states, "The Know your Lemons app® is a fun but more importantly an informative tool that provides you with everything you need to examine yourself and be your own biggest advocate if need be."

Thank you so much for sharing your story Cassandra!

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