How Erin's Post Went Viral

Have you ever started a worldwide phenomenon simply by posting a picture of 12 lemons on Facebook? Erin Chieze did! Today we have educated hundreds of millions because of people sharing our image. Why is breast cancer education is so important to her? She's a patient herself. This is Erin's story.
"The lemons campaign really gave me a platform to educate others about breast cancer. Since my diagnosis everyone wanted to discuss awareness and prevention with me. Well, at 37, there wasn’t much I could have done to obtain an earlier diagnosis and I felt like everyone in my circle was aware of what breast cancer was, most just didn’t know how to detect it. The images were a perfect representation of what I not only experienced seeing my breast changes that led to my diagnosis, but I also had an image to share with others that was similar to what I had seen years prior that alerted me to knowing I had an issue.  

Breast cancer is always on the forefront of my mind. I am stage 4, the only kind of breast cancer that kills and the only kind that is not curable. Because of this, it is my mission to raise awareness tocontinue funding programs that not only give to research for stage 4, but also help women detect breast cancer so they can start treatment as soon as possible.  

For fun, I really enjoy spending time with my husband Allen and my kids. I am enjoying them grow into independent people and knowing they will do well in life. I also keep pushing myself to further my education. Since my diagnosis, I have become a registered nurse, obtained my bachelor's degree in nursing and now I am considering going back to school to finish my Masters so I can teach nursing education. Cancer may one day take my life, but it will not stop me from living."

Know Your Lemons