Know Your Lemons reaches 166 million in January

It's every communicator's dream to reach viral status for their campaign. In January, that happened to Worldwide Breast Cancer's #knowyourlemons breast cancer awareness campaign. In just 3 weeks, we reached over 166 MILLION people around the world.

How did we do it? We changed the picture of breast cancer into one that people loved to look at, learn from and couldn't wait to share with others.

That has never happened in breast cancer before. In part because, well, how do you show breast cancer when you can't show breasts? And secondly, how do you make it visually interesting without getting grotesque or cliché?

Lemons. 12 Lemons to be exact.

Thanks to Erin Smith Chieze for sparking the fire on this one, and for everyone who continues to share the image today. Is it available in your language? Click on LANGUAGES at the top of this page. Many more are in the works, so stay tuned.


Started on Facebook by a young woman living with breast cancer, the image below resonated with a LOT of people.

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Corrine Beaumont