Teaching breast health in any community with Know Your Lemons®

Looking for an innovative way to teach breast health in your community?

Our new Know Your Lemons® Education Kit has been developed to cross health communication barriers, regardless of the languages spoken in your community. Developed with a grant from NVIDIA, the Know Your Lemons Education Kit comes with all the tools and materials you need to teach breast health with visuals.

Educators prepare with a comprehensive Instructor Booklet explaining: 9 risk factor categories, 12 breast cancer symptoms, 6 detection tools and 4 discussion topics. All are designed to help diverse groups overcome barriers to early breast cancer detection.

The main visual tool is a durable extra-large flipchart of visually engaging posters, developed with no text. This means educators can teach in any country in the world with the same Kit. Educators read prompts on the back of each poster, allowing for a smooth teaching experience.

Along with the flipchart are materials designed to make every workshop an interactive one. The Kit includes a risk assessment for each person to fill out, a “12 Symptoms of Breast Cancer” matching game to help participants to remember what to look and feel for, and a “Steps for Detection” game to teach how to investigate breast cancer symptoms.

See more at https://worldwidebreastcancer.org/lemonkit/

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Katherine Crawford-Gray