Terry's Story

"Thank you for your campaign. If it wasn’t for Know Your Lemons I would not have had my breast checked."

January of 2017, Terry had been tanning a bit in preparation for going to Hawaii in February. She raised her arms over her head to check out her tan lines along the sides of her arms. She noticed a 3” long indentation along the underside of her right breast. She dismissed it thinking it was a natural occurrence in a 60 year old breast.

A month later, she was sitting in the Honolulu airport waiting on her flight to Maui.

"I had some time to kill and I was browsing Facebook when I came across this post about Know Your Lemons. The post said that this lady had said she wished everyone would share know your Lemons instead of the little red hearts because if it wasn’t for Know Your Lemons she wouldn’t have known the indentation in her breast was breast cancer."

In March of 2017, she was diagnosed with IDC stage 2b with lymph node involvement. Many rounds of chemo followed, but she is here today because she took that step to tell her doctor about a breast change. Terry, we are so glad that Know Your Lemons helped you with the information you needed!

Know Your Lemons