Students describe their experience with the Know Your Lemons® education session at school, featuring patient Dawn Wilson. Dawn had three symptoms of breast cancer yet her doctor only could identify one, postponing her diagnosis of breast cancer. After she saw the Know Your Lemons® poster, she realized the power the campaign could have for others. Her mission is to make sure the next generation doesn’t miss a symptom by knowing the 12 signs of breast cancer. Footage courtesy ITV as featured on “Wales This Week.


Breast Health for the whole classroom

1-in-8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, yet talking about breast health has been a difficult subject to talk about in schools. So we haven’t, until now.

Know Your Lemons® is a great way to teach about breast health in the classroom. Because no breasts are shown, it’s easy to display symptoms of breast cancer in class, no matter the gender or age.

Nursing schools also find these materials useful when discussing breast cancer with student nurses. Helping them to learn beyond the lump to better help them identify lesser known symptoms in patients.

Currently, we are developing a special Classroom pack and testing it in schools. In the meantime, feel free to share our website, our app, or purchase posters and leaflets in our Education Shop for a breast health session of your own. All proceeds go to fund our mission to educate every woman (and man!) about ways to identify breast cancer.