Each bottle of PLj sold will contribute to the funding of ‘Know Your Lemons’ posters to be distributed in GPs’ surgeries and hospitals up and down the British Isles.

Health is at the core of what we do and we’re honoured that PLj, a healthy, heritage brand, traditionally bought by women, is supporting the work of two such amazing charities [Worldwide Breast Cancer and Tenovus]

in creating awareness of the signs of Breast Cancer – a campaign which literally saves lives.

Cliff Moss, MDHealth

Healthy Food Brands

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2018


Cause Marketing for Know Your Lemons®

We cannot achieve our mission to educate the world without working together. This is what we are looking for in our Cause Marketing partners:

  • You are committed to educating your consumers about breast health.

  • You must love our fun and engaging campaign!

  • Your products or services must not be harmful to women’s health.

In exchange we can provide a cause marketing program, that works for you, e.g:

  • When a customer buys your service or product, a donation is made to Worldwide Breast Cancer

  • Your customers are asked at the register for a donation by the cashier.

  • You can pay a fee to us to use our Know Your Lemons® brand

  • Your communications team can work with us to create a breast cancer awareness campaign with our Know Your Lemons materials for print, radio or television distribution

  • Develop a digital social campaign that blows your followers out of the water!

Worldwide Breast Cancer has a cheeky brand that educates in a fun way about beast health. Our company offers companies an opportunity to conduct global or national marketing campaign with breast cancer education visuals proven to work in diverse cultures and languages.

Please contact us today to discuss whether a cause marketing campaign benefitting Worldwide Breast Cancer is a good fit for your company - corrine@worldwidebreastcancer.org.