"The 'Know Your Lemons®' signs and symptoms images have been extremely impactful in our screening outreach program. I have witnessed first-hand that light bulb moment when the participants finally get 'it'. It's as if they are understanding the signs and symptoms for the first time."

—Ebele Mbanugo,
Run for a Cure Africa


What is a Know Your Lemons® Affiliate?

We cannot achieve our mission to educate the world without working together. This is what we are looking for in a Know Your Lemons® Affiliate:

  • Must be a registered NGO or health company, focused on cancer.

  • Are able to support the public in being able to access medical care, such as referring patients to screening, diagnostic or treatment facilities.

  • Provide and update Worldwide Breast Cancer on national screening recommendations, and/or diagnostic protocols.

  • Run the Know Your Lemons® campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

  • Implement a Know Your Lemons® education program as part of outreach and teaching efforts.

  • Gather statistics about the number of people educated with the campaign and other data.

  • Carry out educational studies to measure campaign effectiveness.

  • Commit to an annual membership fee, based on the Affiliate’s annual budget.

In exchange we provide:

  • Your charity represented on our website, on your country page.

  • Co-branded campaign materials for you to use in print and social media.

  • Online training for patient educators.

  • Membership to our global breast cancer education network.

  • Digital Education Presentations.

  • Worldwide Breast Cancer Charity Partner badge.

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