Corporate Sponsorship


Our work as a charity is possible because of funding that comes from our corporate partners. If you are a company that is interested in promoting our education campaign to your employees and customers as part of your brand, talk to us about becoming a Company Partner.

If you are interested in supporting a campaign for the general public promoting Know Your Lemons® in the geographic areas where you operate, speak to us about becoming a Campaign Partner.

What makes Know Your Lemons® different from other breast cancer awareness campaigns?

Every minute, a woman dies from breast cancer. Just 2% of women know all the signs of breast cancer. Breast cancer screening rates are down. It has never been more important to invest in the health of women: our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends and family. The time to act is now.

Our work to promote awareness stands out from the sea of pink ribbons that dominate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. While other companies are turning pink for the cause, we instead share lemons—lemons that TEACH information that actually saves lives. Something that a pink ribbon alone cannot do.

Our method to stand out and use visuals to create memorable moments with the public, works. Since 2017 we have reached over half a billion people around the globe in 20 languages. Top 10 Tweet in 2017? Yep. Most popular breast cancer campaign in the world? Yes. But we need companies who see that saving women’s lives are important to help us in our mission to REACH EVERY WOMAN.

When companies sponsor a general public awareness campaign, they receive a tremendous amount of unpaid publicity in return for sharing our important campaign. In Japan for the month of October alone, nearly $1m in unpaid publicity was achieved, benefitting both the brand of the company and making an impact for breast cancer in the country.

Let this story be your story. Contact us today about ways we can change the picture of breast cancer for good.