First of-a-kind communication toolkit for metastatic breast cancer patients & their healthcare teams

Hundreds of thousands of people living with metastatic breast cancer worldwide deserve the opportunity to understand their disease and treatment choices and face their diagnosis knowledgeably. Our goal is to make that possible.

Our research, commissioned by the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, takes what we believe is a first-of-its-kind approach to information for patients and families by addressing the existing communications challenge as a design problem. Led by patients and healthcare team insights and harnessing design expertise, we are investigating visuals as the means to redesign the conversation.

Phase 1 of the research was presented at SABCS 2015. You can read the report here.

Phase 2 of the research is a clinical study looking at whether patient knowledge about their diagnosis, cancer subtype and treatment options improve when their health care teams use a visual communication tool. Study sites include: Dartmouth Hitchcock, NH; Huntsman Cancer Institute, UT; Sanford Health, ND/SD; Teton Cancer Institute ID; Opcion Oncologia, Mexico; Australian Capital Territory Health, Australia; and Istanbul Univeristesi Onkoloji Enstitusu, Turkey.

“As we move to a more patient-centered course of healthcare delivery, it is crucial that educational materials are not only flexible enough to meet the needs of the patients, but are derived from the patient perspective. This toolkit merges creativity, health literacy and best clinical practice to empower patients with metastatic breast cancer. I am excited to see its use in patient education.” 
—Jeff Yancey, PhD, MCHES, Associate Director of Education, Huntsman Cancer Institute

Download the report from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance.

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