Individual donors

We are so grateful to the following individual donors for their generous support during the year ending December 31, 2017.

Donors of $5000 or more: Peter Kenny and Katherine Crawford-Gray

Donors of $500 - $4999: Jeanna Heyse, Brenda Mackay, Anonymous

Donors of $250-$499: Matt Olaveson

Donors of $100 - $249: Diana Dabell, David & Suanne Ellsworth, Seth Ellsworth, Celia Erickson, Maureen Foster, Karen L. Hale, Margie Hamberlin, Shelley Henson, Arthur Kull, Sharon O'Leary

Donors <$99: Anonymous, Miyai Abe, Diana Barney, Jamie Beverly, Beverly Bramwell, Susie Britton Hickson, Chris Bull, Katherine Burton, Chieze Childcare, Cynthia Calderon, Paula Carlson, Erin Chieze, Jennifer Collins, Monica Couch, Nicola Cowling, Christina Dancsak, Brenda Dean, Vicky Doyle, Heike Duerr, Yvette Dwyer, Margaret Edwards, Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, Shelby Ellsworth, Robyn Faye, Marc Fischer, Margaret Flowers, Fiona Forson, Natalie Furbank, Pheben Gebrehiwot, Cierra Green, Pamela Greene, Mi Griggs, Eve Harris, Nathan Harris, Kevin A. Henry, Mary Hilton Reid, Lee Robert Hinckley, Shyenne Hofmeister, Cassandra Jacklin, Sylvia Justelien, Danny Kosifou, Andrew Laxton, Loren Love, Loretta Meyers, Laurie Milgrim, Kaye Moore, Louise Moulding, Connie Olsen, Jamie Pammijo, Emily Petersen, Holly Robertson, Maureen Saurey, Susanne Sernberg, Briana Smith, Megan Smith, William Smith, Corey Stein, Briana Strupp, Cierra Sundberg, Samantha Van Nest, Mark Willford, De Zhen Zhang.




Special thanks to type designer @FischbachLisa with TypeMates for donating the Cera Round "Lemon" Pro typeface for our campaign. It was customized for us especially and works in several languages. We love it.

Vasily Hall kindly donated time to automate our process for designing translated posters with his custom scripting skills for Adobe Illustrator. This means we don't have to start from scratch with each new language to create the posters and we can bring the work to you more quickly in your language.