Why we don't use actual breasts to teach about breast cancer:


Sometimes we see comments on social media saying it's a shame we use lemons instead of breasts. Actually, if we used real breasts, fewer people would know about breast cancer symptoms, which would lead to more deaths.

Why? Because breast cancer can get pretty graphic, making it difficult to see, learn from and share. It's deceptive how those 12 little lemons can make it so easy to look at. And not just in the USA, but conservative parts of the world like Saudi Arabia, or displayed at your workplace, on a billboard in a public highway, or using it to teach a child about mommy's illness.

Plus, if we used a breast, which color skin should we choose? Which size? The great thing about lemons is that they don't discriminate between race, age or gender which helps communicate the idea more effectively to more people. Making them a pretty powerful tool in the fight against breast cancer, as they can reach ANYONE around the world. So far we've educated over 170 million, because you've shared these lemons. Discover the research behind the Lemon approach here. #LemonsSaveLives