Image use policies

Parts of the campaign are registered trademarks of Worldwide Breast Cancer and cannot be used or altered for any purpose without express prior written permission:

The phrase “Know Your Lemons®” is a registered trademark of Worldwide Breast Cancer and belongs to no other breast cancer organization.

The two lemons on a sofa (as seen at the top of this website) are also a registered trademark of Worldwide Breast Cancer.

Two lemons side-by-side, with one sliced open (on a sofa or isolated as seen below) is also under our copyright.


SHARING the Know Your Lemons® Campaign

The campaign, including the 12 signs of breast cancer in the egg carton, is issued under a Creative Commons Non-commercial, No Derivatives, Attribution Required license.

This means you don’t need permission to share our breast cancer education campaign, so long as you follow these rules:

NO DERIVATIVES (DON’T CHANGE OUR IMAGE, ADD TO IT, OR REPLICATE IT). The image cannot be cropped, altered, photoshopped, added to or translated in any way. It must be used as-is from this website. Do not separate the elements of the image and use it with your own work. This is to keep the integrity of the campaign intact. Changing an image or work in any way doesn't give you ownership of the work. No text can be changed or removed or replaced. *Basically, if what you want is not on this website or our social media channels, you cannot create it. You can only use what is provided here.* If you want the campaign in your own language, we'd be happy to work with you. Please contact us if you have any questions. NOTE: Images in other languages can be found under the *LEARN* menu item at the top of this website.

ALWAYS ATTRIBUTE. This means the image must always contain attribution *on the image* itself and not a caption below the image. A caption below the image is NOT enough for attribution, as the image is often separated from the article when saved, shared or pinned. The images from the campaign as found on this website, have attribution already intact, so this is taken care of for you.

NON-COMMERCIAL USE. This means that you cannot repurpose the image in connection with your own brand, organization or company. For example, you cannot add your logo to the image. You cannot use any of the images for advertising a product, fundraiser or promotion of another organization besides Worldwide Breast Cancer without written permission. If you would like to fundraise for breast cancer using these images, the donations should come to our charity, helping us to continue our important work to promote early detection through our campaign. If you would like to offer proceeds from sales to our charity or become a corporate sponsor, please contact us.

NO CO-BRANDING. “Co-branding” is any time your company’s logo appears next to our campaign images. Co-branding shows a relationship between your brand and our charity to your consumers, and requires a corporate sponsor relationship.


Please tag us on social media using @knowyourlemons and use the hashtag #knowyourlemons, or include a link to our website at The charity behind the Know Your Lemons® campaign is Worldwide Breast Cancer.

We are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter. You are free to reshare those posts as much as you like!

Make sure you are using the CURRENT 12 signs of breast cancer image, and not the old one. Here is the difference:



Need high resolution images as part of your editorial or book? We usually charge a fee. Please contact us, and include whether the image is printed as part of an article, or on the cover, as well as your distribution/subscription numbers. Please note that we do not give out high resolution files for you to print our campaign on your own. You can purchase them from our shop, and help us fund our mission at the same time. :)