Our mission: help women (and men) identify breast cancer as early as possible.TM

We’ve educated over 500 million on the signs of breast cancer, help us expand our vision for fewer to die from breast cancer. Donate.

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Worldwide Breast Cancer is the charity behind Know Your Lemons®. We are different from other breast cancer charities in that we are completely focused on breast health education. Why? When breast cancer is found early, survival rates are incredibly high. But when it's found in the latest stage, it is no longer survivable. So until a cure is found, the best chance for survival right now is early detection.

While a lot of us know about breast cancer, very few actually know the basics when it comes to symptoms, risk and detection options. We are changing that by educating a completely new way: through powerful lemon visuals. These little lemons overcome taboo, fear and literacy issues which allow us to be the first campaign to truly communicate globally.

Help us educate every woman about breast cancer symptoms, risk factors and detection options to help change the picture of breast cancer for good. Know Your Lemons®, they can teach you a lot about breast health.

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