We're happy to announce the campaign song:

"Lemonade" by Beth McCarthy



Why beth is a "lemon-aider"...

My nana and her sister are both survivors of breast cancer. They were both lucky enough to catch it early and that's why this campaign is absolutely so important. She was 51 when she was diagnosed and is now a happy and healthy 73 year old!

My nana is the most inspirational woman and my best friend and if she hadn't known what to look for, I could've never even met her. I don't know what person I'd be had she not been in my life.

The great thing about the "know your lemons" campaign is that it's such a quick and simple way for women to learn what it is they should be looking for. With my nan having it, sometimes it can be worrying for me and my family. This campaign takes that terror away and just highlights what to look out for in a friendly, colourful way. 

I'm lucky enough to have my nana, but I know far too many people have time with their loved ones cut short by breast cancer. If this campaign helps just one more person catch their symptoms that bit sooner, that's one more person who gets to live their life to the full. That's why I'm behind "Know Your Lemons" and I encourage you to download the song, donate and educate! 

—Beth McCarthy