Know Your Lemons® Educator Certification & Annual Membership

Know Your Lemons® Educator Certification & Annual Membership

179.00 every 12 months

Become a Certified Know Your Lemons® Global Educator for just $179/year membership. Our short online course will train you to effectively educate diverse audiences with the Know Your Lemons® materials in any language and any part of the world.

How it works:

1) After you’ve purchased your membership, you’ll get a link to download the training kit, via email.

2) Read the training materials in the pdf you receive, and then take the exam online (link to the exam is in the pdf).

3) When you pass, you’ll receive your Know Your Lemons® digital education kit via email. The digital kit is a powerpoint presentation for you to use on your laptop, TV or projector as you teach.

Note: For low-tech/no-tech settings, we have a fantastic flipchart to help you teach no matter the language or location you are teaching in (see order link below).

Awesome Benefits:

10% discount on education materials, such as posters, brochures, cards and more. Great for hand-outs, health fairs and more.

Certificate. When you pass the exam, you will get a Know Your Lemons® Global Educator certificate, showing that you are one of our global educators helping to change the picture of breast cancer.

Online Workshops! You’ll be invited to participate in online workshops with educators around the world. Exchange ideas and learn together how we can help patients get diagnosed as early as possible to save lives.

If you want to purchase the flipchart, please add it to your cart as well from our shop. Once you have become a certified educator, we will mail the physical toolkit to you.