Know Your Lemons Screening Center Membership

Know Your Lemons Screening Center Membership

1,950.00 every 12 months

This annual, tax-deductible, membership for screening centers keeps you updated on the latest educational tools from Worldwide Breast Cancer. Being a member not only associates you with our global mission but it also includes a number of educational tools for your patients and community outreach:

  • 500 leaflets with your logo and contact information ($130 value)

  • Customization Upgrade for your logo on the leaflet ($50 value)

  • 12 Signs of Breast Cancer Poster, 11x17 in ($15 value)

  • 10 fridge magnets with the 12 signs of breast cancer ($12 value)

  • Window sticker showing you are a Know Your Lemons® education center ($10 value)

  • 10% discount on future educational materials (save an average of $50/year)

  • Receive a special logo for your website showing you are part of our mission to educate every woman about breast cancer as we handle the education part for your patients (priceless!)

  • Be listed as one of our education facilities on our website with a link to your center

  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter