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Our vision is a world where fewer women (and men) die from breast cancer.

We create educational tools and training to help educators reach people in ways never before possible with breast cancer—that overcome taboo, literacy and fear—and are completely inclusive of gender, age, ethnicity and background.

In order to expand our reach to as many as possible, we want to empower educators with training and tools to make an impact in their local communities and abroad through our new online course.

Our Know Your Lemons® certification online course gives educators the knowledge and skills they need in order to teach with the most impact. No health background is necessary, we start with the basics and expand from there. On average, the course takes about 2 hours to complete. It is offered in English.

To become a Know Your Lemons Global Educator, you must fill out an application for the waiting list. When we enroll our next cohort you will be invited to the online course. Then you are entitled to all the benefits of the program.

Upon passing the course, educators receive a digital teaching kit, complete with:

  • powerpoint deck with visuals as only Know Your Lemons® can do (works in any language, any background, any age, any gender).

  • two digital games to play: a memory matching game to teach the 12 signs of breast cancer, and a steps for detection game to teach the options available for screening and diagnosis

  • a Know Your Lemons® app that can help those you teach stay on top of their breast health, book mammograms and teach them how to self-exam (and more)

  • a Know Your Lemons® teaching certificate

  • access to the Know Your Lemons Global Educator Network, with webinars to exchange best practice and submit update requests

  • ability to see your contributions as part of a global effort to reduce deaths from breast cancer

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Use Know Your Lemons® as your Breast Cancer Awareness campaign and educate the general public. (cost varies)

BEING A CAMPAIGN MEMBER is the *only* way you are able to promote Know Your Lemons® with your brand to the general public.

Get a corporate sponsor, grant or other source of support to fund the campaign, using our pitch deck. Once funded, we will help you produce your Know Your Lemons® campaign by providing design, assets, production services and a playbook for you to execute and distribute effectively.

Sponsorship costs will scale depending on the reach you are wanting to achieve in your local geography. Let’s talk!