Are you ready for breast cancer awareness this October?

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Worldwide Breast Cancer is teaming up with retailTRUST and Tenovus Cancer Care to educate women about breast cancer this October.

In 2017, Know Your Lemons® 12 signs of breast cancer image was one of UK’s top 10 Twitter posts. Now you can share this image for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with your employees and customers on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter channels in 2018. With our UK charity partner Tenovus Cancer Care and the Know Your Lemons social media kit, your company will be educating women everywhere!

How does it work?

  1. Download your social media kit FREE using the form below

  2. Post images with their captions on your social media channels throughout October (posts are already created for you!)

  3. Print out the A4 poster and display in your staff rooms, changing rooms, or in your retail areas

Copyright & Terms of Use

Know Your Lemons® is a registered trademark of Worldwide Breast Cancer.

Images in the social media kit are protected under copyright, cannot be altered in any way and must be used as per the kit’s instructions. Please don’t alter by adding your logo or using any of the images as part of another design.

If your company wants to do more by becoming a campaign sponsor with co-branding benefits, contact Worldwide Breast Cancer directly on the form below or email

To Download the Kit, Fill out the form and agree to the Terms and Conditions of use. After you submit, you will receive an email with a link to the Kit.

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Additional campaign materials are available at a discounted rate for RetailTrust members. These include posters, fridge magnets and other items. The link to these RetailTrust branded products is available below this form.
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Purchase the ~A3 poster at a discount for RetailTRUST members. Every purchase directly funds educating women around the world about breast cancer.

Know Your Lemons Poster with RetailTrust (~A3 size)
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Know Your Lemons Poster with RetailTrust (~A3 size)
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Order an ~A3 sized poster (43 x 28cm) with the Know Your Lemons campaign by Worldwide Breast Cancer to educate customers and staff during October Breast Cancer Awareness month. Interested in having your brand sponsor this campaign next year? Contact us.

Available exclusively to RetailTrust members. All prices in USD. Proceeds benefit Worldwide Breast Cancer’s global education initiative. Allow 5-10 days delivery.

Want more than 200 posters? Contact us for special pricing.

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