Membership is a tax-deductible annual subscription of $950/year (or $90/month) that shows you are committed to breast health for your patients. It includes discounts on custom branded materials, education certification courses, and funds our work as we partner with the best screening centers and health facilities across the country.


This is what you (and your patients) get with your center’s annual membership subscription:

  • Support Worldwide Breast Cancer’s efforts to reduce deaths from breast cancer through better education around the world

  • Members-only access to the Know Your Lemons® Patient Education package (see video above: custom leaflets, custom appointment cards, changing room poster, symptom magnets) $300 value

  • Know Your Lemons® Certified Educator course (4 Certificates) $400 value

  • 10% Discount on education materials in our shop

  • WBC’s The Juice, our monthly newsletter, delivered direct to your inbox

  • Membership window sticker to show your patients your commitment to breast cancer education

  • Listed in our online directory as a center who cares about patient education

  • Coming soon: Special designation on our Know Your Lemons® App mammogram booking tool

  • Not having to hire a marketing agency and instead using the world’s most shared breast cancer awareness campaign to promote your services while helping save lives: priceless


Learn more about each benefit of being an Education Center below:


Know Your Lemons® App: Your Center is Already Listed!

SHARE OUR APP with your patients in your waiting room with our reminder cards or in their appointment reminder email.

The Know Your Lemons® app will explain what they need to know for their appointment (don’t wear deodorant!), how the tests work and what to expect. They will also get reminders to self-exam each month, book their yearly mammogram (one tap inside the app!) and information on what to do if they notice a breast change. Learning about risk factors is easy too, and will also help them know how often they should be screened based on their risk!

If you are an FDA Certified Center and not listed, contact us at


Custom Leaflets: Promote your Services + Educate

($180 value, exclusive to members!)

Use our memorable pamphlets to promote your services.

With your logo and contact information on the cover, they’ll be impressed with how easy you make it to understand breast health basics. The trifold pamphlet is available in several languages and is a great handout at the clinic, for health fairs or any place where you want to advertise your services. As a member, you can get a discount too!


Selfie Symptom Posters

($15 value, exclusive to members!)

Don’t just decorate, educate too!

Putting the 12 Signs of Breast Cancer poster in the changing room is a great conversation starter for telling patients what to look for between appointments. Patients say our posters improve their confidence in reporting breast symptoms by X%. The poster includes a space for you to write in your facebook or instagram tag and encourages patients to share they are getting screened.

The poster is a cheerful way to perk up the changing room and is one of the most shared images in the WORLD for breast cancer awareness, making it a great way to get patients to share information and recommend your services too.


250 Custom Appointment Reminder Cards

Wish you could help your patients keep up on regular self-exams, better prepare for appointments or understand if they are on the right screening plan for their risk type? With our cute appointment reminder cards, customized with your logo and contact information, you can!

($50 value, exclusive to members!)


Worldwide Breast Cancer Membership Window Sticker

($20 value, exclusive to members!)

Display how you are part of our charity’s mission to educate the world would about breast cancer symptoms, risk and tools for early detection. All members get a cheerful window sticker to let patients know they are entering a place that really cares about patient education and has information ready for them to be on top of their breast health.


10 Know Your Lemons® Fridge Magnets

($12 value!)

We’ll also send you a sample pack of our fridge magnets. One of our most popular items, it’s easy to remember the symptoms with a cute carton of lemons to remind them.



Know Your Lemons® Global Educator Certification Courses

Four training course passes ($400 value): Become a Certified Know Your Lemons® Breast Educator by taking our online course that covers breast health topics such as:

  • Breast Statistics

  • 9 Risk Factors

  • 3 Self-Exam Positions

  • 6 Breast Test Tools for Detection

  • Barriers to Early Detection

As part of the Certification, you will also receive a digital presentation kit and interactive group games to embed learning, and your own Know Your Lemons® Global Educator certificate.