One of the top 5 apps in Health + Fitness, it’s the best way to learn how to take care of your breasts.


The Know Your Lemons Breast Health App

Get confident with self-exams and book mammograms with ease. From the creators of #KnowYourLemons breast cancer awareness campaign, comes a powerful app packed with breast health tools. 200 million people already know the 12 signs of breast cancer, and now with the app you can:

  • Finally learn how to do a self-exam the right way with your virtual exam coach.

  • Book a mammogram with an FDA-certified center in seconds.

  • Know what to expect for your mammogram, ultrasound and more.

  • Customize your own screening plan based on your personal risk.

  • Schedule your self-exams with the period tracker for best results.

  • Learn the 12 symptoms of breast cancer and note any changes.

  • Be guided step-by-step on how to investigate a symptom.

Worldwide Breast Cancer, led by and for women, is building on their successful award-winning design and friendly lemon visuals to create an app for your future breast health, backed by a decade of research. Life can give you lemons, so download and “Know Your Lemons” today - it’s the must have app for every woman’s phone.

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