Worldwide Breast Cancer releases new Know Your Lemons® App for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Know Your Lemons® goes viral in 2017

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The Facts

About Worldwide Breast Cancer and Know Your Lemons®

  • Worldwide Breast Cancer was founded in 2014 by Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, PhD.

  • Know Your Lemons materials are distributed in 19 languages

  • Know Your Lemons materials are distributed in more than 90 countries

  • "What Breast Cancer Can Look and Feel Like" (aka the 12 Lemons) has been viewed over 200 million times in 2017

About Breast Cancer

In the United States:

  • 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime

  • Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women; it is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in women after lung cancer

  • Average of diagnosis is 62

  • ~2,470 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer each year

  • Most common risk factors for breast cancer are: being a woman, aging and exposure to estrogen. While risk of breast cancer is increased with exposure to certain genes, 90-95% of breast cancer cases occur in women with no genetic history of breast cancer

  • Today there remains no cures once breast cancer has metastasized beyond the breast

  • 99 percent of women have a better chance of treatment if breast cancer is found in early stages (Stages 0-2)

Outside the US

  • ~1 in 5 breast cancer patients have literacy issues

  • A recent global survey of 19,000 women found only 2% know the signs of breast cancer

  • The same survey found less than half (42%) felt confident they would be able to spot a change indicative of breast cancer

  • Although breast cancer is thought to be a disease of the developed world, almost 50% of breast cancer cases and 58% of deaths occur in less developed countries

  • Breast cancer is the top cancer in women worldwide and is increasing particularly in developing countries where the majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages

  • Low survival rates in less developed countries is mainly due to lack of early detection programmes, resulting in a high proportion of women presenting with late-stage disease (Stages 3-4). Once a woman is diagnosed Stage 4, the cancer is treatable (if treatments are available) but incurable

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Here’s What YOU are Saying About US

This ad saved my life! As I ran my fingers across a lump in my breast, this exact image came to me immediately knowing the dimple was not normal. Diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and 10 tumors later… know your lemons ladies! @walk_n_wag, shared on Instagram

Thank you for making this in German. Now I can understand it better and I will send this picture to all my friends so they can check it! @anjacalling, shared on Instagram

I’m only 32, I’m really bad at feeling for lumps, then I found your page; then continued to the website. From there I started feeling and actually ended up finding a lump in my left breast. I have a mammogram scheduled for Monday! Thank you for always posting and informing women on how to be aware of their bodies, I know I am thankful for coming across this page. I’m hoping for the best at my app.  @deucedeuce, shared on Instagram

@knowyourlemons I'm so thankful for your campaign! Because I remembered seeing it on my cousin’s Facebook, I knew I had to get myself checked out when I noticed a small dent. Who knew? @jojojojog, shared on Instagram

Meet Our Founder - Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, PhD


Corrine is the inventor of Know Your Lemons, an innovative campaign teaching about the symptoms of breast cancer and the process for detection. Her groundbreaking work is creating a new paradigm of healthcare communication and has been viewed by over 300 million people worldwide. Because the familiar, friendly lemon crosses common healthcare communication barriers of literacy, taboo and fear, "Know Your Lemons" is the only truly global breast cancer education campaign.

Corrine’s passion for educating people everywhere is fueled from her grandmothers and a close friend dying of metastatic breast cancer. Driven to take action against the disease, she learned just about everything there is to know about breast cancer detection and treatment, and studied the psychological effects of healthcare communication. After receiving her PhD in design Corrine took the findings from her doctoral dissertation, Design thinking in healthcare: developing patient-centred communication materials for breast cancer detection, and created Worldwide Breast Cancer.

In 2017, Corrine and Know Your Lemons were featured on CNN, BBC News, ITV, various radio stations and numerous publications in the health, beauty, medical and design fields. She holds a MFA and BFA in graphic design from Utah State University, as well as a PhD in design from Buckinghamshire University and Brunel University. She has held a variety of teaching positions at Kingston University and consulted widely with the healthcare industry.