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teaching symptoms in Nigeria

In Nigeria, 50% of women are diagnosed at Stage IV when it is unsurvivable. This year we tailored the materials for Nigerian needs and funded leaflets, posters and take-home reminders to teach women about breast cancer symptoms with our charity partner, Run for the Cure Africa. Over 1,000 women have been educated so far.

  • 96% now say they feel confident in recognizing a sign of breast cancer.

  • 98% also say they will go to a doctor if they see a possible symptom.

  • 92% say they will share the lemon image with family and friends.

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EDUCATING medical students IN MALAYSIA

Malaysia has the worst survival for breast cancer in the Asia Pacific region. Without a population screening program, breast cancer symptom awareness and reporting changes are key to early detection. Lack of knowledge about basic symptoms of cancer is one of the key causes for late diagnosis. The Know Your Lemons® education tools were translated into Malay and displayed at the Faculty of Arts, Science, Medicine, Islamic Studies and University Malaya Medical Centre during a breast cancer awareness week. We worked with them to develop the materials to educate students and the broader community. We funded materials to be distributed as well as a study to assess patient knowledge before and after the campaign.

  • 93% now felt confident in recognizing a sign of breast cancer.

  • 97% said the detection process was more easily understood.

  • 95% said the materials were clear and culturally acceptable.

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