Here are some lemon themed games to play to make learning fun and interactive:


This is just like hot potato. Sit in a circle and toss a lemon to each other until the music stops. If the person is holding the lemon when the music stops, they should say one new thing they learned today, or what they will do for their breast health, etc. Come up with your own fun ideas! You can use lemon-themed songs too! Our campaign song “Lemonade” by Beth McCarthy can be found here on YouTube (or on most music services). 


Hide 12 lemons around the room. With a marker, label each one as a different symptom of breast cancer. As someone discovers the symptom in the room, have them look it up on the app, or attach a note to the lemon that describes each symptom. (Symptom descriptions can also be found here if you want to print them.) 


Put 12 lemons sitting in small paper cups, arranged like bowling pins. The players take turns bowling with a lemon. You can also put little prizes or treats inside the cups for them to collect after they bowl them down successfully. Form teams with funny team names and compete! Together we can “knock down” breast cancer! 


Have plain cupcakes available with yellow frosting to frost the cupcakes. Give each team a symptom to re-create with their frosting and any other cake decorating items you have on-hand. People have to guess which symptom it is! Post it to social media and tag us! @knowyourlemons 


Cut lemons into wedges and print up a card with the Know Your Lemons® Challenge script (see below). Record a video (or take a photo) of each of the party guests reading the script card, biting a lemon, and post it to their social media: #knowyourlemons @knowyourlemons #trueAwareness 

Challenge Script:

“I know my lemons!” 

[then bite the lemon wedge] 

“I now challenge ____________ 

to go to, 

LEARN the 12 signs of breast cancer, 


and do the 

‘Know Your Lemons’ challenge 

in the next 3 days!”